My father was always a private person whose Christian beliefs and attitudes had given him strength and comfort throughout his life. He came to live with me (his daughter) at the age of 90 to spend his remaining years in the peace of the English countryside. Sadly he was unfortunate enough to be afflicted with oesophageal cancer in his twilight years but would ask for nothing from others or wish to be a burden to them despite the pain and suffering he experienced in his last few months.

It was therefore a fitting end for him to be able to pass away peacefully with his family in the peace and comfort of the home that he loved rather than to be transferred to an unfamiliar and impersonal hospital environment. This could never have been possible without the support of the Campden Area Home Nursing Trust and the kindness, respect and unswerving care of the individual carers not only to make his remaining life as calm and peaceful as possible and allow him to pass away with the dignity that should naturally be afforded to such a reserved and private individual, but also to provide much appreciated support and respite to me in caring for him throughout this time.

The Campden Area Home Nursing Trust is a model approach to providing much appreciated palliative support and dedicated care for those in their last months of life and enable their spouses/families to continue to care for their loved ones in the familiar surroundings of their homes… something we would all wish for ourselves when our time comes.

So much is given by the professional network of the Campden Area Home Nursing Trust and their dedicated carers: financial contributions in return are vital to ensure this worthy cause is able to continue to support those like my father who truly appreciated their exemplary care and kindness.

re: her Father 

Campden Home Nursing came to our family’s rescue just when we were being unable to cope with our uncle’s health deteriorating to the point where we were really struggling. We were recommended to talk to Campden Home Nursing by the Doctor and District nurse team at the GP surgery. The care and attention given was exemplary and just as importantly their ability to coordinate with other agencies (such as the Home Care team, the NHS services and the GP) means that our uncle and the family had support for 24 hours a day for as long as it was needed.

I cannot recommend Campden Home Nursing enough. Without their help we were being stretched and their input saved our uncle and us from what could have been a very difficult time.

re: his uncle

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