Campden Home Nursing helps a record number of patients

Figures collated recently show that Campden Home Nursing is helping a record number of patients in the area who have a life limiting illness and need registered nursing care at home.

In 2018 the nurses worked 2,204 hours in total, compared with 2,516 in the first half of this year alone. Nurses have worked three times as many nights this year in comparison with 2018 (270 nights versus 95 last year) and there’s been an increase of 722% on day hours worked (up from 30 last year to 247 so far this year).

In May this year, the charity’s shop at lower High Street, Chipping Campden, had its very best sales month since it opened in October last year. Since January, the shop has sold 17,824 items.

Helen Makaritis, General Manager at Campden Home Nursing said: “This year alone, we are nursing three times more people than we were in 2017. We are delighted that the charity is thriving and that we are supporting many more people in a wider geographical area. If you live in Chipping Campden, Broadway, Evesham, Bredon or Pershore we are able to help.”

Helen said: “Due to the huge increase in the number of patients we are nursing we are now spending over £14,000 a month on nurse salaries alone and our services are forecast to cost us £470,000 this year and will rise again next year. We are extremely grateful for the support and the fundraising efforts of our local community – we would not be able to continue to provide our essential services without the generosity of our supporters. Their ongoing help is crucial to our future sustainability and we are truly thankful.”

Please click here if you’d like to help and wish to donate to Campden Home Nursing.