For sale

Memory Trees Appeal

For Sale, pay tribute to a loved one

Now for sale are our brass apples, which you can dedicate to a loved one. Our apple tree at Jecca’s House is home to a host of wildlife and insects. Here we have created our Memory Tree, where we hang tributes dedicated to the memory of lost loved ones.

We are hoping you will help us fill it with life and love by dedicating a golden apple in the name of a loved one, whether they had a connection to Campden Home Nursing or not. The continuous growth of the shiny fruit on our tree, each with its own special message is becoming a source of comfort to many and a dazzling addition to the garden. Every apple is a way to keep the memory of your loved one shining.

Your donation will also provide much-needed support for our patients and their loved ones, and helps to make sure we can be there for the next family who needs us. Each tribute can be inscribed and placed on the tree for a donation; Prices is £25 per apple.

Jecca’s Story

Jecca Brook, founder of Campden Home Nursing

Jecca’s Story, a book by our much-loved founder, Jecca Brook, is now available at our charity shop at Lower High Street or you can buy a copy here.

Completed just before her sudden death, in May 2020, the book is the personal account of how Jecca started Campden Home Nursing, 30 years ago, and is a realistic reflection on end-of-life care and the challenges faced by nurses providing this specialist nursing care. It is also a poignant reminder of the wonderful work done by Jecca, her gentle humour and her immense heart.