A Message from our Co-Chairs

The year 2022-2023 was when the vision behind buying and opening Jecca’s House was finally realised with a whole year of activities and no COVID-19 restrictions.

We are very proud of the increased care and services Campden Home Nursing now offers as a charity to the Chipping Campden community and the people in and around the surrounding towns and villages.
We have seen numbers of patients increase and consequently we have continued to increase our nursing hours and additional services each year. The aftermath of COVID-19 has meant that we are seeing more and more patients with late-stage diagnoses and so our services are in need more than ever. As our patients and their carers and families access the many types of help available at Jecca’s House, the knowledge and information passed to them is extended to their contacts, and the fabulous work continues to spread and diversify.

Our Campden Home Nursing family continues to grow with staff and volunteers as our services expand. In 2022-2023 we have seen our relationship with the ‘Men in Sheds’ become established, our new counselling cabin in the garden built and furnished, our Play Therapy room established within Jecca’s House and many additional complementary therapies and classes take place during the year. We are extremely grateful to The George Davies Charitable Trust for funding the Play Therapy service which reaches out to children and families who are bereaved or suffering due to an ill family relative.

The Trustees are very grateful to and thankful for Helen Makaritis as CEO, Heather Barley, as Head of Nursing, and Anna Bennett as Finance Manager. Together these three fantastic people run a well organised, caring, friendly and supportive charity that at the same time is governed with excellence and has received an ‘Outstanding’ from CQC for being well-led. The Trustees would like to thank the nursing team, the administrative team, the charity shop team and all the volunteers for their passion and commitment to our work and our charity.

Dr Irene Henry - Co-Chair of Trustees
Dr Irene Henry – Co-Chair of Trustees