Collection Boxes

Thank you to all the businesses for displaying our collection boxes.
Recent donations in the collecting boxes in and around Campden totalled £736.25 making a grand total for this financial year
(to 5 April) £1884.66.
We now have boxes at –
At Home Bretforton Village Stores, Campden Coffee Shop, Chipping Campden Pharmacy,Co-op, Crystal Palace Take-away, Dentist, EightBells,
Frankie Doodle, Grey’s Opticians,Ilmington Village Shop,Joys,Kings (Bar), Lygon Arms, Mayhem’s Delicatessen, Noel Arms, One Stop
Orchard Layne, Pink Gloss, Post Office, Red Lion, Sam Wilson, Scissors,Stuart Antiques, The Bay Tree, The Chance B&B, 1 Aston Rd
The Vol, Tokes delicatessen Tourist Information,Willersley Stores.