Lisa’s Story

We are delighted to announce that our Volunteer of The Year is Lisa Hall.

Lisa came to us after reading an article about our new charity shop in the Campden Bulletin last year. Lisa has struggled with her mental health on and off over the years, and that year, had spent seven months in hospital. When she came out, she was preparing for a fresh start in Cheltenham, but the article prompted her to get in contact with our General Manager, Helen Makaritis, and their subsequent meeting changed her life.

Lisa was taken on as a volunteer, initially preparing clothes and bric-a-brac for the shop which was opening in October. She recalls how, before the shop opened, she helped to sort through piles of donated clothes and household goods. “I remember walking into the meeting room and thinking we’d never get it all sorted, but it was fun and I felt like I was doing something really useful.”  She now volunteers in the shop several days a week and is a crucial part of the team.

Lisa said: “Volunteering for Campden Home Nursing has helped me enormously. It gives me a sense of purpose and fulfilment that I haven’t experienced before. Being part of something so special makes me feel great.”

Lisa was brought up in a retail environment, as her mum and step-dad were newsagents, so she was used lending a helping hand when she was needed. Lisa said: “Being in the shop feels totally natural – retail is in the blood! Campden Home Nursing feels like family; Helen and the other staff have taken me under their wing and my confidence and self-esteem has soared.

Helen said: “Lisa has been a key member of our team from day one and has worked tirelessly in the set up and running of the shop. We’d be lost without her – she always goes the extra mile for customers and is very loved by staff at Campden Home Nursing.”

Thank you for all your hard work Lisa, you are a star!