Play Therapy

We provide Play Therapy for children within our geographically defined area for those who have been touched by the loss of a friend, loved one, or family member.

Play therapy for bereaved children

The therapy is for bereaved children aged 3-11 years, and aims to help them make sense of the loss of someone close to them. Play and art is used as a child’s natural form of expression and communication to help them explore and process their feelings.

Play therapy involves a series of sessions which involve the therapist meeting with the child. She will use play and art materials, such as small figures, animals, books, dressing up props, clay, sand and water, musical instruments and art materials to help the child explain what is troubling them and to express thoughts and feelings.

The sessions take place weekly, at Jecca’s House or the child’s school.  They will usually happen at the same time and place to help the child build a trusting relationship with their therapist.

Each child is funded for a 12 week period. After this time, a review will take place between the therapist, family and the charity to determine the way ahead.

These sessions are currently on hold as we are recruiting a new Play Therapist. We hope to continue these sessions asap.

Got questions?

For nursing enquiries please contact our Nurse Co-ordinator on: 07780 660141.

For all general enquries please call: 01386 840505 or 01386 576259 for Bereavement Counselling Services. You can also email: