Quality Standards

Our aim is to provide outstanding quality care and support for our patients, carers and their families and we are constantly reviewing our quality standards. As part of our philosophy, we look at everything from the environment to staffing, and from user engagement to training.

To help us maintain our high standards of care, we’re always interested to hear from our patients and families about their experience of our service. Your feedback can help us to improve all aspects of our care. Service users are given a questionnaire to complete regarding their experience, the results of which are reviewed and collated.

Whilst we often hear how well the service works, it is vital that we know when it doesn’t meet your expectations or could be further improved. Please give us your feedback: you can do this by talking to a member of staff, completing the feedback forms we send you if we have nursed a loved one, if you’ve used our services, by filling in our online feedback form, or by contacting us.


The Care Quality Commission is an independent organisation that monitors, inspects and regulates the care we provide against nationally agreed standards. Their reports provide an external validation of the quality of our services. Please see here for more information and our latest CQC inspections report.

CQC measure all services by 5 criteria that they call their Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE)S and these measure whether we are giving high quality care and the best quality of life for our patients and carers. The 5 KLOES are measuring whether we are our services are:

  • SAFE

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Ensuring that all staff and volunteers have appropriate skills to care for the people we support is key to the delivery of a quality service.

All staff take part in a range of mandatory and specific Blue Stream Academy  training courses depending on their roles and responsibilities. To help staff learn and develop, we also monitor their skills and experience.


All of our policies are available to view. If you would like to see them, please contact our Centre Support Manager, Ali Robinson on: 01386 840505 or email her at: Ali.robinson@campdenhomenursing.org.