Living Well Timetable

Downstairs at Jecca’s House, there is a large drop in kitchen for initial meetings and chats over tea and cake. An Activity Room is fully stocked with arts and crafts resources. This is a place where support groups can meet and participate in diversional therapies – all part of helping you to live well at Jecca’s House.

We also have a beautiful garden, tended by a group that anyone can join, and a great Men in Sheds facility which meets twice a week. Here is the living well timetable running at the moment.

**Please note we are currently planning the next living well and workshops timetable. Meanwhile, please give us a call on 01386 840505 to register your interest and find out what’s currently running.

Living well timetable

If you would like to attend any of our sessions, please call Ali Robinson on: 01386 840505 to discuss.

Got questions?

For nursing enquiries please contact our Nurse Co-ordinator on: 07780 660141.

For all general enquries please call: 01386 840505 or 07821 114696 for Bereavement Counselling Services. You can also email: