National Grief Awareness Week, 2 – 8 December 2022

National Grief Awareness Week

It’s National Grief Awareness Week (2-8 December) an initiative created by the Good Grief Trust to support to all those grieving in the UK. It also aims to raise awareness of smaller front line organisations in the UK, and to give them a national platform to reach those in need in their local area.

We to chatted to Cathy Turner, Bereavement Counseller here at Campden Home Nursing. She said: “The winter months are often a difficult time for those who of us who are bereaved. As the evenings grow darker, longer and colder, we are more aware of our aloneness and miss the companionship of our loved ones. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.”

Here at Jecca’s House in Chipping Campden we run a Bereavement Café on the 2nd Monday afternoon of each month and a Bereavement Support Group on the last Friday morning of the month. We also offer free individual bereavement counselling to 12+, and play therapy to the under 12’s (if you live in our defined geographical area). Please get in touch if you or anyone you know may need our services by emailing us (information at the bottom of this blog post). If you need more information, At A Loss is the UK’s Bereavement Signposting Website to find local and national support services, helplines and information. 

Cathy said: “Whether you are grieving yourself or know someone who recently lost a loved one, reading , listening to podcasts or watching films, can help you cope by opening up new perspectives. It can allow you to better understand what someone else is going through, and walk a mile in their shoes, so to speak.”

Cathy’s List of Helpful Resources


Griefcast: a multiple award winning podcast.

British actor, comedian, and writer Cariad Lloyd talks to other media personalities about their experience of death and encourages them to share stories about their lost loved ones.


On Grief and Grieving by Elisabeth Kubler Ross and David Kessler: Here the authors take us through the stages of the grieving process, weaving together theory, inspiration and practical advice.


Shadowlands: A British biographical film about the relationship between C S Lewis and his wife Joy Davidman, her death from cancer and how this challenged his Christianity. Starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger.

About Time: A British Romantic Comedy written and directed by Richard Curtis. The film is the story of a young man with the ability to time travel who tries to change his past in hopes of improving his future.

I knew I was lucky in many ways. I was busy, I was healthy, but all the same at the end of the day I would return to my empty flat. It was dark, it was cold, there was nobody to have a cup of tea with, or plan an evening of television together.

Esther Ransen

To get in touch with Cathy to find out more about our Bereavement Services, please email her at:

Cathy was incredibly motivating, understanding and supportive. I can’t thank her enough. She offers exceptional counselling


A Counselling Client