Trio of GPs run, swim and cycle for Campden Home Nursing

A trio of three brave GPs will be running, swimming and cycling for Campden Home Nursing when they take on the Stratford Triathlon on 8 May as a relay team.

Kathryn Thomas, Alison Atkinson and Claire Wunsch, who retired from Abbottswood Medical Centre will be raising money for us, having experienced our help and support first hand over recent years.

Kathryn gets on her bike!

Kathryn, who will be completing the 400m relay swimming element of the race, said: “I worked as a GP at Abbottswood Medical Centre for 31 years and for most of that time I was lucky enough to work alongside Claire Wunsch and Alison Atkinson. We have all recently retired and enjoy meeting up, and have a bit more time to relax and enjoy a coffee together than when we were working. I have never done any triathlons, but I enjoy swimming as well as outdoor activities and when I heard that relay triathlons existed, I thought it would be the ideal fun challenge for the three of us. Stratford sounded like a nice venue, relatively close, and hopefully the weather in May will be kind.

It seemed an ideal opportunity to use the event to raise money and we very quickly agreed that Campden Home Nursing was a deserving cause. I know so many patients and some friends who benefited enormously from the caring, professional nursing input that Campden provides at times of real need so it will be lovely if we can raise some money to support their continuing good work.”

Alison Atkinson tells her story…

Alison will cycle 18K in the triathlon. She said: “The three of us always worked closely together when we were all GPs so a triathlon event seemed the ideal challenge for the three of us to do. I can’t swim at all, I have done some running events in the past, but not recently and have never been involved in a cycling race. Having acquired a new bike in retirement it seemed right that I do the cycling element. Trying to go fast while coping with lots of other bikes on the road, general traffic and pelican crossings will be a new experience and seems slightly daunting!

I have great admiration for all that the Campden Home Nursing Team do, supporting patients and families, at times when they maybe feeling scared and uncertain, helping them to make the most of what ever time is left with loved ones. I hope whatever we raise will help this invaluable work continue.”

Run, Claire Run…

Claire, who will be completing the 5K relay run, said: “Three years ago I agreed to start jogging just to help a friend start training for a marathon. We are now the “slow running club” (membership 2.5 people) and will never run a marathon but 5km is within my sights!

Having enjoyed working with Kath and Alison for many years at Abbottswood I am now hoping to complete the team triathlon with them in May, preferably before everyone goes home for tea! As a bonus we are going to raise some money for Campden Home Nursing, a dedicated group of nurses who have helped look after many of our patients, allowing them to stay at home even when gravely ill. Having had personal experience of their support for one of my family I know how important that can be.

So best flippers, wheels and feet forward in May and we hope to reach the finish line and support this deserving cause.”

We wish Kathryn, Claire and Alison the best of luck for 8th May. You can donate to their fundraising page here.

Pictured left to right: Kathryn Thomas, Alison Atkinson and Claire Wunsch
Pictured left to right: Alison Atkinson, and Claire Wunsch Kathryn Thomas